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Dear Sundance Cinemas: Please make my Hunger Games dream come true

21 Feb

On Hunger Games Ticket Eve, you do not want to find out that your favorite theater may not be participating in midnight showings.  Unfortunately, that is exactly the situation I find myself in. However, I refuse to stand idly by and have decided to take matters into my own hands.

Step one: Build a coalition for the cause.

To: Undisclosed list of Hunger Games aficionados over the age of 24
From: Christina Kuhl, Hunger Games Viewing Ring Leader

It’s finally here! Hunger Games midnight showing tickets go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, February 22. As of right now, the only two options for viewing are the Regal Cinemas (one in Greenway and one on I-10). I was hoping that Sundance Cinemas would also be showing it, but their website was inconclusive (despite the fact that their theaters in SanFran and Madison, WI have midnight showings advertised).  Not satisfied with the ambiguity, I called and spoke with the box office manager at the Houston location.  He thanked me for reminding him to bring this issue up with his boss, but he said to stay tuned.

As we all know, I have a tendency to act impulsively and wanting to secure my Hunger Games tickets is no exception. I really, really want to attend a midnight viewing at the Sundance because there is assigned seating, yummy food and tasty beverages.  So here are the options as I see them:

1.        Start email drive to Sundance Cinemas (address) expressing a keen interest in attending the midnight premiere at their theatre. Asking nicely, begging, whatever you think would get the point across.  I think they need to know that adults will show up and they won’t be overrun with teeny boppers who are more concerned with Team Gale or Team Peeta versus the overarching themes of war, violence and government control.

2.       Buy tickets for the  midnight showing at one of the Regal Theaters and fight the throngs of aforementioned teeny boppers.

3.       Wait and purchase tickets for a Friday evening show at the Sundance Theater.


May the odds be ever in your favor,


As alluded to the above note, I have a tendency toward being impulsive. So rather than waiting for my coalition to form, I struck out on my own. You know, just to get things started.

Step two: Influence without authority. Or something like that.

To: Sundance Cinemas Houston Manager (or Robert Redford, whoever I need to talk to for results)
From: Christina Kuhl, Hunger Games Viewing Ring Leader

As you may be aware, tickets for midnight showings of The Hunger Games are going on sale tomorrow. Although I am a 26-year old young professional, I am absolutely committed to seeing the film the night it comes out.  I was on the Sundance Cinemas website earlier today and noticed that while your San Francisco and Madison venues have midnight showings scheduled, the Houston venue does not.  Confused, I called and spoke to a very nice box office employee who told me that a decision had not yet been made, but to stay tuned.

Sundance Cinemas has quickly become my go-to venue for movies in Houston and my extreme preference would be to see the midnight showing from the comfort of my assigned seat with tasty Panini and yummy drink in hand. I have a group of at least 10 friends/colleagues who would love to have the reassurance of knowing that we can enjoy the movie in a beautiful, classy space and not have to fight the throngs of teenagers fighting over Team Gale or Team Peeta.

If there is anything I can do to help influence the decision to host a midnight showing, please do let me know.  I appreciate your indulgence of my note.


[Important Job Title to Prove I’m an Adult]

This may not work out, but it’s definitely worth a try! Keeping my fingers crossed for the optimal Hunger Games viewing experience.

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