True Blood Alum Make Several Prime Time Appearances

19 Feb

It would be possible for someone to make the argument that I watch too much television.  But how much is too much?  Between the full-time job, MBA classes, the husband and the pup…I think I deserve the right to indulge in some video delight. And it’s not like I watch crap all the time.  Yes, there is the occasional Kardashian, Real Housewives and Bachelor marathon…but I focus mostly on prime time gems like American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and countless HBO programming.  That being said, you can only imagine my delight in the uptick of actor sharing on some of my favorite shows.

First, there was Ryan Kwanten (werepanther Jason Stackhouse on True Blood) as Jess’ alm0st-one-night-stand-who-loves-lunch on New Girl. He played a boring guy on the show, which is ironic given his complete and utter lack of a personality in real life. I saw him on a Chelsea Lately episode last year and it was painful. If I remember correctly, Chelsea even called him out for being a totally awful guest. But it wasn’t all bad…at least he’s easy on the eyes.

Next, there is Lizzy Caplan‘s (Jason Stackhouse’s V-loving girlfriend Amy Burley on True Blood) recurring role as Julia the lawyer on New Girl. I attended a premiere of the dark indie comedy Bachelorette a few weeks ago at the local Sundance Theater (which was just picked up for national distribution – so stay tuned for showings in a movieplex near you) and was reminded of just how much I enjoy her dry, sarcastic demeanor. Despite my desire for Jess and Nick to end up together, I do hope that Julia sticks around for a while.

Finally, there was the brief appearance of Michael Raymond-James (crazy killer Rene Lenier on True Blood whose victims included Amy Burley) as Dave on The Walking Dead. Although killed by Sheriff Rick for for insisting that his buds be allowed to hole up at the newly zombie-free farm,  his appearance rounded out the week’s True Blood trifecta. Score!

The moral of the story is: thank goodness I watch so much tv.  How else would I be able to make all of these connections?


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