Smoldering Children…Let’s Eat Some Humble Pie

7 Dec

Tonight’s episode starts off  in 1994 at an awkward dinner with Constance, Tate, Addy and Larry.  Tate is disapproving of his mother’s latest relationship, reminding her of the untimely demise of Larry’s family and throwing around allegations that he was responsible for the death of her son Beau.  Constance maintains that Beau(regard) died in his sleep, but as with anything to do with this show, we know it can’t possibly be that simple.

The next day Tate pays a visit to Larry at his (accounting?) office and douses him in gasoline and throws a match at him.  Pyroface explained!  Presumably this event occurred right before he set off to shoot up his school.

Back in 2011, a couple of plot advances occurred.

First, Ben informed a much more coherent Vivien that she was carrying babies with different daddies inside her womb.  Ouch.

During Constance’s police interrogation for Travis “The Boy Dahlia’s” murder, we got the best glimpse of Beau  yet – greatly disfigured and chained to the floor of the attic.  And if you ever wondered why Moira haunted Murder House sans Constance’s husband… it’s because he became kibbles and bits for her pups in the basement.

We also caught a glimpse of Larry’s wife Lorraine and their two daughters.  All three still smoldering from their fateful injuries.  This is apparently the first time that Larry has been able to see his family in the basement, now that he’s on “the cusp.”  This interaction inspired him to confess for Travis’ murder as repentance for all of his previous transgressions.

In the second half of the episode, we saw some epic hand-to-hand combat between Tate as Rubberman and Ben.  Ben succeeds in unmasking the latex terrorist, but eventually passes out with whatever chemical Tate shoved in his face.  Tate then tries to convince Violet to commit suicide to prevent Ben from sending her away.  Violet pretends to go along with the plan, heading downstairs to set the Romeo & Juliet mood with candles and a warm bath…but fakes Tate out by instead using the head start to scream bloody murder for her father to save her.  With Tate in hot pursuit (and Ben unresponsive), she runs outside to the fence and yells to some passersby.  Their German Shepherd barks, but the people don’t flinch.  Suddenly, she’s back in the house.  Confused, she makes another run for the outside, but ends up in the kitchen.  Panicked (and rightfully so), she pleads with Tate, saying that she doesn’t want to die.

This is the point in the episode where I take a giant, humbling breath, as I know what Tate’s going to say before he even opens his mouth: “It’s too late for that.”

Damn damn damn.  Damn!  I was so convinced this theory held no water that I blogged about it two weeks ago!!!

At least I was right about one thing…Tate did try to save her when she overdosed.  He just didn’t succeed.  Damn.


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