T-minus 6 Hours to Rubber Man Reveal

23 Nov

Three hours to kill in the airport. It could be worse. At least this time we remembered to bring our hard-earned United Club vouchers with us i.e. the golden ticket to as many free 8 oz. mini glasses of Bud Light I can drink before boarding the plane. Status report: 1.5 drinks consumed. Better pick up the pace.

The alcohol is a nice distraction as I wait for 9 p.m. to arrive (thanks Central Time Zone!). I have spent much of the afternoon reading entertainment blogs’ hype of tonight’s episode of American Horror Story. Sounds like this will be the best yet, with the long-awaited reveal of the Rubber Man’s identity.

Who could it be? Have we met them before? In order to really shake things up I think it must be someone(thing?) we’ve heard about even if we haven’t seen them yet. My guess? Constance’s fourth child. We know about Addy, Beau and tormented Tate, but what’s the deal with mystery kid number four? Maybe we’ll find out tonight – but I’m not holding my breath. This show’s a tricky one!

Note: for the record, Matt’s guess is the creature/baby/thing from the house’s original owners. Despite my repeated skeptical asking of “Really?!?” he sticks by his answer. We will have to wait and see who was right. My money’s on neither.


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